Scroll down for our extensive takeaway menu and enjoy our critically acclaimed food in the comfort of your own home. Now available for takeaway (phone or online) or delivery, simply by clicking on the links below.

Menulog Online Ordering


Vegeetable Samosa (2pcs)     $6.00

Vegetable Bhajia (4pcs)     $6.00

Potato, corn and Paneer Tikki (3pcs)     $8.00

Gobhi ‘65‘     $11.50

Chilly Paneer     $12.50

Paneer Tikka     $12.50

Chicken Tikka     Entrée (3 pcs)      $9.80       Main (6 pcs)        $19.00

Malai Chicken Kali Mirch Kebab     Entrée (4 pcs)      $12.90      Main (6pcs)      $18.90
(Mild – Tenderloin of supreme chicken black pepper kebab)

Pudin Hara Reshmi Kebab    $9.80
(Chicken mince, mint and spiced greens puree cooked on skewer)

Tandoori chicken     Half      $10.90      Whole     $20.50

Mulmali Seekh Kebab      $9.80

Rajasthani Sula     Entrée (3 pcs)       $9.80       Main (5 pcs)     $16.20
(Lamb backstrap kebabs, Medium rare)

Barra Kebab       Entrée (3 pcs)      $10.90      Main (5 pcs)     $17.90
(Lamb cutlets tandoori kebabs)

Lal Tali Fish     $11.90
(Fish fillets shallow fried in chickpea batter)

Tandoori Mix Sample      $14.90
(1 piece of chicken tikka, lamb kebab, seekh kebab, reshmi kebab, chicken mirch kebab)


Chicken Butter Cream     $16.50

Chicken Shahjani      $15.50

Tandoori Chicken Masala     $14.50

Chicken Tikka Vindaloo      $16.50

Chicken Tikka Masala      $16.50

Chicken Curry     $14.50

Chilly Chicken     $16.50                                                      

Lamb Do Plaza     $16.50

Palak Gosht       $16.50

Lamb Bhuna Ghosht      $16.50

Lamb Neelgiri      $16.50

Vindaloo (Chicken, Lamb or Beef)      $16.50

Madras (Chicken, Lamb or Beef)      $16.50

Beef Chilli Fry     $16.50

Beef Muglai Korma      $16.50

Southern Fish Curry       $16.50

Prawn Mirchi Masala      $18.90

Prawn Coconut Malai        $18.90


Paneer Mircha     $14.50

Paneer Methi Makhmali     $14.50

Malai Paneer Kofta        $13.90

Palak Paneer     $13.90

Aloo Gobhi      $12.50

Mixed Vegetable Curry     $11.50

Vegetable Korma     $12.50

Potato and Peas Curry       $11.50

Bhaghare Bhangan (Eggplant with nuts)      $12.50      

Kadai Baingan (Tomato based tangy eggplant)      $12.50                            

Mushroom, Peas & Cashew Curry     $12.50

Dal Masala         $9.90

Dal Makhni     $10.90


Nan (leavened bread)      $3.20

Garlic Nan       $3.60

Lachha Paratha (flaky plain flour bread)       $4.50                                                  

Kashmiri Nan (with dry fruit and nuts)      $4.50

Onion Kulcha       $4.50

Masala Kulcha (cottage cheese and ginger and spices)       $4.50              

Keema Nan (with lamb mince)         $4.50              

Roti (wholemeal bread)      $2.70

Aloo Paratha      $4.50

Paratha (flaky wholemeal bread)      $3.80


Saffron Rice      Small $4.20      Large $5.60

Basmati Rice      Small $4.20      Large $5.60

Vegetable Biryani (rice with vegetable and mint)       $8.90

Lamb Biryani (rice cooked with spiced lamb and mint)      $14.90

Chicken Biryani (rice cooked with spiced chicken and mint)      $14.90


Raita (yoghurt)     $3.90

Spicy Salad     $5.50

Papadums (4 pieces)     $2.50

Sweet Mango or Lemon Pickle      $3.20

Mint or Tamarind Chutney      $2.00


Pista Kulfi (Indian Ice cream with pistachio and cardamom)     $5.20        

Gulab Jamun (evaporated milk dumplings in light sugar syrup)      $5.20

Gajjar Halwa (carrot sweet reduced milk and nuts)     $5.20

Lassi ( Plain/Sweet or Salted)     $4.00      

Mango Lassi     $4.50