Dine In

Please refer to Events and Specials for seasonal menus and specials we are currently running.


Vegetable Samosas        $8.00
(Vegetables slow cooked with green mango powder, stuffed in a crispy deep fried pastry – 2 pieces)

Sounth Palak Papdi        $9.50
(Nacho’s Delhi style – flour wafers and spinach crisps topped with lentil dumplings, yoghurt and chutney’s)

Makkai Paneer Tikki        $9.50
(Spiced corn, peas, paneer and potato patties served with chutney’s)

Wada Mara Mari        $9.50
(Lentil and potato dumplings smashed with radish relish and topped with spiced greens and chutney’s)

Pani Puri        $9.50
(A street-side favourite – hot n’ tangy coriander infused water (‘Pani’) filled into bite-sized flour crisps (‘Puri’) – 6 pieces for one)

Mushroom ‘65’        $15.50
(Crispy fried baby mushrooms tossed with chilli, tomatoes and coriander)


Chicken Tikka
(Succulent boneless chicken steeped in yoghurt and freshly ground spices)
Entree (3 pieces)        $11.50       Main (5 pieces)        $18.50

Tandoori Chicken
(Whole chicken steeped in yoghurt and freshly ground spices and roasted in tandoor)
Half        $13.50       Whole        $26.00

Zafarani Nawabi Tikka
(Tender boneless chicken steeped overnight in yoghurt, gram flour, spices and chargrilled with a brush of egg yolk)
Entree (3 pieces)        $14.50       Main (5 pieces)        $23.50

Malai Murg Kali Mirch Kebab
(Tenderloin of supreme chicken steeped in a marinade of yoghurt, crushed black pepper, lemon juice, coriander roots and enriched with house cheese)
Entree (4 pieces)        $17.50       Main (6 pieces)        $24.50

Pudin Hara Reshmi Kebab
(Tender chicken mince blended with mint, greens puree, and spices, skewered and grilled)
Entree (2 pieces)        $11.50       Main (4 pieces)        $22.50

Seekh  Kebab
(Tender lamb mince blended with onion, ginger, coriander and spices, skewered and grilled)
Entree (2 pieces)        $11.50       Main (4 pieces)        $22.50

Rajasthani Sula
(Lamb back-strap marinated in yoghurt and ground spices and barbecued to perfection)
Entree (3 pieces)        $16.50       Main (5 pieces)        $25.50

Hoshiarpuri Champaan
(Hot lamb cutlets marinated in malt vinegar, cumin powder and medium spices, barbequed and finished with a tangy sauce)
Entree (3 pieces)        $16.50       Main (5 pieces)        $25.50

Lahsoon Jhinga Tandoori       $23.50
(Prawns marinated in garlic, tumeric and ground spices and charred in the tandoor – 7 pieces)

Paneer Tikka        $14.50
(Cottage cheese marinated in a tangy and spiced yoghurt marinade and charred with capsicum – 3 pieces)


Chicken Butter Cream        $21.50
(Boneless chicken simmered in a sweet cardamom, fenugreek and tomato based gravy)

Chicken Tikka Masala        $19.50
(Chicken Tikka pieces tossed in a tomato and onion based based gravy with ginger and coriander)

Murg Methi Makhmali        $21.50
(Chicken tenderloin barbequed in tandoor and cooked in a rich silky “makhani” sauce with fenugreek leaves)

Lamb-Do-Piaza        $20.50
(Mild lamb korma cooked in a onion and cashew nut based gravy)

Kadai Ghost Golmirch        $21.50
(Succulent lamb simmered with tomatoes, fresh herbs, cloves, coriander seeds and crushed pepper)

Achar Gosht        $21.50
(Tender lamb pieces slow cooked in a pickle and herb based sauce)

Beef Neelgiri        $20.50
(Tender beef cooked in a coconut cream, mint, curry leaves and coriander based sauce)

Beef Gol Mirch Khumbi      $20.90
(Creamy tender beef curry cooked with fresh mushrooms and crushed black pepper)

Samudri Tak–a–tak       $23.00
(Seafood delight – Rockling fillet, prawns and scallops cooked with tomato, crushed peppers and herbs. Medium to Hot)

Southern Fish Curry       $20.50
(Rockling fillet cooked in South Indian spices tempered with coconut milk)

Nariyal Jhinga Manglore       $23.50
(Creamy prawn curry with tomatoes, coriander, coconut and curry leaves)

Jhinga Hara Piazi Mirchi       $23.50
(Prawns tossed with onions, green peppercorns, ginger and tomatoes in a nut and coconut gravy)


Malai Paneer Kofta       $14.50
(Deep fried cottage cheese and potato dumplings stuffed with nuts and served in a silky sauce)

Paneer Mircha       $14.50
(Home made cottage cheese tossed with fresh capsicum, tomato, onion and herbs)

Paneer Methi Malai       $15.50
(Home made cottage cheese simmered in a rich silky “makhani” sauce with cardamom and fenugreek leaves)

Kadai Baingan       $14.50
(Eggplant cooked in a hearty crushed pepper, coriander seeds, herbs in a tomato based sauce)

Baghare Baingan       $14.50
(Eggplant cooked in a tangy cashew nut, coconut and tamarind based sauce)

Balti Bhindi Do Piaza      $15.50
(Okra and onions tossed with tomatoes, dry spices, ajwain seeds and ginger)

Dal Masala      $11.50
(Home-style yellow lentils cooked with tomatoes, ginger and fresh herbs and spiked with chilli and spices)

Dal Makhani      $12.50
(Black lentils, tomatoes and fresh herbs slow cooked and finished with cream)


Nan (Leavened bread cooked in Tandoor)             $3.90
Garlic Nan            $4.50
Lachha Paratha (multi-layered plain flour bread)           $5.50
Kashmiri Nan (with dry fruits and nuts)         $5.50
Onion Kulcha (leavened bread stuffed with onion and capsicum)           $5.50
Masala Kulcha (cottage cheese, ginger and spices)         $5.50
Keema Nan (stuffed with spicy lamb mince)        $5.50
Roti (wholemeal bread)         $3.20
Paratha (flaky wholemeal bread)              $4.50
Pudina Ajwaini Paratha (mint stuffed wholemeal bread)        $4.90



Saffron or basmati rice                   Small     $3.90                       Large     $5.20
Tomato and mustard rice           $8.50
Lamb Biryani (rice cooked with spiced lamb and mint)  $18.90



Raita (yoghurt with vegetables and spices)         $4.20

Spicy salad (brunoise of onion, tomato, capsicum, cucumber, lemon and coriander)     $4.50

Sliced raw onion salad/fresh chillies      $2.50

Garlic papadums (4 pieces)         $4.00

Sweet mango chutney        $2.50

Lemon pickle or chilly pickle or chilly sauce        $2.50

Mint or tamarind sauce          $2.00